Exclusive Bramasole Wedding Perfumes

An unforgettable day, where nothing is left to chance. For a unique, elegant and personalized choice, we have created Bramasole Wedding.

Our master perfumer will give the bride and groom and your loved ones unforgettable moments, creating especially for you personalized perfume boxes, like the Tuscan alchemists of old, capable of changing simple materials into noble and precious materials. A unique gift for a special day, to be remembered all your life.


Bramasole Wedding  devotes special care to  every detail of your boxes, transforming them into elegant and exclusive party gifts: elegant decorations, hand-made by our graphic designer, matching your clothes, bouquets, accessories. Obviously, we also offer the possibility of making our party gifts unique, engraving on each box your initials, your love phrases, recalling your story.

Use the form to receive more information on this special service, our experts will be happy to assist you, offering you bespoke solutions.